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The Bakerrae Basque

The Bakerrae Basque

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Introducing the Bakerrae Basque!

The most luxurious basque cheesecake made with a blend of triple creme brie, cream cheese, and mascarpone.

The texture is impossibly smooth and creamy, with a depth and complexity like nothing else. 

Cheese is often used in Filipino desserts, with the perfect balance of sweet and salty so this cheesecake is just a natural fit!

Sweet (but not too sweet) and delicate Filipino ube (purple sweet potato) infused in a rich coconut cream.

Two layered basque with perfect contrast: Madagascar vanilla triple creme basque on top of a layer of fruity single-origin chocolate ganache.

About the chocolate: Chachalate makes the chocolate from scratch using Tanzanian cocoa beans. You'll taste bright red fruits that contrast the richness of the basque. A completely unique experience!

Optional: Raspberry Calamansi Coulis Jar

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Woman-run. Hand-made. Asian flavours.

Bakerrae is a personal journey to Filipino flavours — drawing upon my childhood with a twist.

Toronto's food scene is seeing many pandemic pivots, but Bakerrae aims to explore new ground: you won't find anyone else topping croissant-like pastries with calamansi curd or caramelized onions in soy sauce anywhere else.